When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

September 14, 2022

A garage door does many things; it keeps your belongings safe from burglars, keeps the rooms insulated from harsh weather, and how it looks can even add to your home’s curb appeal, increasing resale value. Your garage door must be sturdy enough to carry out all these functions. When it is not, it is time to replace the garage door. For minor cosmetic repairs, you might save money by working on that specific part. But in other situations, you should consider replacing the garage door. To know when you should replace your garage door, refer to this as a guide.

When Safety or Security is Compromised

One of the main functions of a garage door is to provide security. If the garage door is not sturdy anymore, it will not be able to secure you and your belongings from thieves. Old garage doors might be a security risk for your house. If your home has just been broken into, it is vital to replace the garage door or at least have it repaired.  Faulty garage doors may pose a threat to safety. For example, garage doors come with a mechanism that stops the door from closing when a person or object is in its way. If this automatic reversal mechanism is not working well, it can cause injuries.

When You are Spending Too Much Money on Repairs

Although it is possible to repair accessories or parts impacted by wear and tear, it might add up to a lot over time. Consider the frequency of such repair works. If such minor breakdowns happen more often than they should, you may save more money by replacing the entire door.

Moreover, with a worn-out garage door, cold air can seep in during the cold winters, providing little protection. Insulated doors help control the garage’s temperature, reducing the load on your HVAC system. Check your garage door if you see a rise in energy costs.

When It Stops Working or Does Not Work Well

Observe if there are problems with how your garage door works. If it opens slowly or noisily, it is time to pay some attention to it. When debris or filth gets stuck within parts of the door, it may slow its operation or make a lot of noise. If you ignore these signs, your garage door may become even slower and be damaged. Before the door stops moving in its track, hire a professional to have a look or replace it.

Besides the door, check if the noise comes from the garage door opener. When rust and debris cover the chain in the door openers, it would be very noisy and unsafe. Consider replacing the door opener.

When You Are Selling

Curb appeal can raise the value of a property, help you sell your home quickly, and sell it for more money. Invest some time and effort in your home improvement project by replacing your garage door with something stylish or a key feature by itself. First impressions count a lot.

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