Broken Garage Door Sensor Repair

Garage Door Sensor Issues Repair

Garage door sensors prevent the garage door from closing when it senses an object under them, reducing the risk of the door crashing down to your car and other objects.

They serve a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of garage doors and are required by law to be installed in every garage. Despite this, they are often overlooked and not well taken care of by homeowners until something seems to go wrong. At New England Overhead Door, we provide sensor issues repair services to resolve faulty garage door problems.

Understanding Sensor Issues

If you find that your garage door is having problems with closing properly and nothing seems to trip the sensor, the problem might lie with the garage door sensor.

Check that your sensor lights are functioning well and look out for flashing sensor lights, garage door lights, and any missing sensor lights on components such as the garage door keypad.

Common Causes of Sensor Issues

Some common causes of sensor issues are highlighted below.

  • Problems with the Sensor Power Supply

Most sensors will feature a green light which indicates that there are no problems with the sensor. If you find that the lights on both sensors are off, it is likely that there is no power being supplied to it.

  • Damage to Sensor Wires

When the sensor wires become damaged, some sensors will display a flashing orange light. When this happens, you should carefully inspect the wires and see if any of them are twisted and broken. Unweave tangled wires as they can also be a source of the problem. If you find that some wires are broken or in the wrong place, you should seek professional help as incorrectly connected wires can result in electric shock.

  • Issues with the Photo-Eye Sensor

Over time, dust can pile up on the lenses of the sensor, which would obstruct the sensor from functioning properly. Other than dust, the sun can sometimes also cause problems with the lenses. Should the sun’s rays happen to fall at a precise angle on the sensor, they will obstruct the sensor’s light beam. Hence, you should clean your sensors often and also carefully place a cardboard in front of the sensors to shield them from the sun’s rays.

  • Garage Door Not Closing

If you find that your garage door is not closing properly or that it opens as soon as it is closed, it is a sign that something might be interfering with your garage door sensors. However, the root cause could lie with something else, and you should thus conduct tests to check if your garage door sensor is operating properly.

How Can We Help

Here at New England Overhead Door, we offer solutions and expert advice on any matters relating to garage doors.  It doesn’t matter whether the issue lies with the sensors or other areas of the garage door, our experienced team will be able to troubleshoot and fix it for you. We also provide garage door installation services.

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