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Garage Door Opener Installation in Newton, MA

For a convenient, functional, and safe garage door, look no further than New England Overhead Door. We offer top-quality automatic garage door openers and provide installation and replacement services. You can rest assured that we only carry garage door opener models and brands that have proven to be reliable.

At New England Overhead Door, we have a wide range of overhead door openers so our customers can choose the most suitable one for their unique needs. With our expert assistance, you can be sure that the mechanical components chosen are the right size for your garage door. In addition, we do garage door remote and keypad installations.

Smart Electric Garage Door Openers

Do you need help in choosing a system that meets your garage needs? Our professionals will consider factors such as the number of drivers who need remote access, the number of car bays and doors in the garage, and the size of your overhead door before recommending a system.

We Carry Many Garage Door Types and Brands

Synergy 270

Price $699


  • LED lighting
  • 1/2 horsepower
  • Synergy 270 (Head Only) $550.00
  • Operates quietly

Synergy 370

Price $799



  • LED lighting
  • 3/4 horsepower
  • Synergy 370 (Head Only) $650.00
  • Battery backup
  • Programmable travel speed

Synergy 380

Price $899



  • LED lighting
  • 1.1 horsepower
  • Synergy 380 (Head Only) $750.00
  • Highly quiet opener

LiftMaster Elite 8355W

Price $799



  • Smooth performance with belt drive system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Smartphone control capability with myQ® app

LiftMaster 87504-267

Price $1,300

  • Built-in camera adds video and 2-way audio communication to the myQ® app.
  • Control, secure and monitor the garage with the myQ app- anytime, from anywhere.
  • 360° light ring uniformly brightens every corner of the garage with 2,000 lumens of long-lasting LED light.
  • Battery backup lets you get in and out when the power is down.
  • Ultra-quiet DC motor and strong belt drive system ensures for comfortable living spaces near the garage.
  • Works with Amazon Key for for convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries – watch deliveries happen in real-time.

LiftMaster Elite 85503

Price $1,100


  • Motion-activated video camera
  • Battery backup
  • Integrated video camera with live feed and recording

LiftMaster Elite 8500W DC

Price $1,450


  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Wall-mounted
  • Battery backup
  • Secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone control capability with myQ® app
  • Automatic lock deadbolts door after closing
  • myQ remote LED light with 1,500 lumens

Garage Door Opener Accessory Installation

Besides installing remote-operated garage door systems, we are also able to replace and upgrade any garage door accessory necessary. Let us know if you cannot find what you are searching for so that we can make a special order for the parts you need.

Keymaster Wireless Keyboard

Price Installed $210



  • Programs up to 3 doors
  • Wall-mount design

Additional Remote

Price Installed $100


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