7 Common Garage Door Problems

April 26, 2022

Garage doors are made to provide home security and comfort. When this part of the home has a problem, there is a great chance that you will put your property and other belongings at risk. If you want to make sure that you will be able to deal with these concerns later on, it pays to know the most common garage door problems and what to do about them.

The Remote Has Stopped Working

This is one of the things that you need to check when your garage door is not working. Remote controls work only when power is available and when it is near the object, in this case, your garage door sensor. If these controls are incapable of opening or closing the door, then there must be an issue with the batteries, or you may not be close enough to the spot where the garage door sensor is. Replace batteries when needed or check that you are near the garage when operating it, as per its required proximity.

The Door Changes Direction

When this happens before closing the garage door, try one more time to spot the problem. This can be a sensor issue that has been preventing the garage door from closing properly. Misalignment is one cause, and debris is another. You need to spot these concerns.

The Door Won’t Close Properly

There is a close limit when it comes to closing the garage door. When the door does not close all the way, then there is a problem with the correct adjustment for this limit. There may also be something that is getting in the way. This is yet another sign of a sensor problem. Rust can be the worst cause that you will encounter for this particular issue. Repairing the garage door is sensible in this case.

The Door Does Not Fully Open

If a garage door that does not fully close is a problem, it is also possible that one that does not fully open may be a reason for concern. This can be brought about by damaged rollers, aside from an up limit requiring adjustment. The weather may also have something to do with it. This may also signal the need to repair your garage door.

Electrical Problem Inside the Home

Your wall switch, in particular, may not be moving the garage door. The switch circuit breaker might have tripped, or in some cases, there are electrical components that have already gone bad. You may need to replace the door opener motor in this instance.

The Door Seal Leaks

Weatherstripping is required to prevent outside air from entering your homes. Sometimes, water may seep into your garage when it rains outside. When this happens, leaks on the door seals will become a problem. There is a need to use a special kit designed to replace weather stripping for your garage door. This will help stop the leak.

Sagging Garage Door

If your garage door is old, then it may have been prone to stress lately. This is brought about by using it throughout the years. This will make it harder for you to move the door. While repair can be helpful in this case, nothing beats replacing the garage door entirely with an updated model. That way, your home gets the upgrade that it deserves.

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