How To Keep Your Garage Door Safe And Secure

December 15, 2021

Many homeowners enter and exit their houses through their garage. With the amount of traffic through the garage door, you need to keep track of your garage door activity and make sure you are keeping up a safet and functional door. It is important to take note of your garage door safety all the time. Read on to learn more about how to keep your garage door safe and secure.

Cover Your Windows

No matter whether you use blinds, tinting or curtains, it is good to cover your windows so that people outside cannot peer into the garage. Even if your windows are strong, they can still break so it is better to be careful.

Use Timers

No one is perfect. When you leave your house while you are rushing, you might forget to close your garage. This happens to everyone. If your garage door is left open, anyone will be able to come in. You can look for options such as a garage door timer. This will hook up with your opener to automatically close your garage door after a set amount of time. You can pre-set this time to make sure your garage is not left open for too long.

Keep Your Opener With You

Prevent burglars from breaking into the garage by taking your remote opener with you. Don’t ever leave your garage door opener in the car, even if it is parked inside the garage. There are small keychain remotes that you can use instead of the big clicker; they can be bought at most home stores or through a car dealer.

Motion Detector Lights

Upgrade your light fixtures with motion detector lights so you can improve security around the garage. Motion detectors will be set off by warm objects such as people, animals, and cars. Motion detector lights are one of the best safety features you can install.

Secure Your Interior Door

If you have an attached garage, there is usually an interior door into the house. You want to make sure that the door is secure, just like any other external door of the house. If someone gets into the garage, you want to prevent them from getting into your home. Many of such options include multiple locks, a deadbolt, or even padlocks with programmed entry codes.

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