I am the “new installation in Plainville” That is my green 14′ door in their picture. I had double garage doors and wanted to get a single door. Reframe the front of the garage. Install a new header…frame it in…call NEOD. Here’s my review.

I have been using NEOD for 30+ years. This was my 5th door that they installed…all different addresses. I, unequivocally, recommend them for any and all service to your doors. I still have my first house being used as a rental. A 16′ door. Still works great. All the other doors still work (friends and other houses) perfectly. Yesterday, I got a 14′ door installed by David. I was not home. I got home and was so very pleasantly surprised. IT looks great! The opener is the quietest one I have seen/heard. The door sits tight to the frame. Yes, it has weatherstripping, but I am willing to bet that the door would be weather tight without it. The installation was neat, clean, organized and I couldn’t be happier. The door opens to the full 7′ height. No lag.The new control pad was put in and they took out all the old wires and installed new ones. I am being a little verbose because I do not know what else you could want from a company. They were on time. They responded to every inquiry. This is NOT the first time the service has been this great. I guess those of you who are looking for box-store service and prices might not agree with me. I will pay for the top-notch service that David and Robyn of NEOD have given me. I found their prices reasonable. I hope I accurately conveyed how much I appreciate their service. I hope you will, too.