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Browse samples of our top-of-the-line manufacturers, visualize your home with a new overhead door with our online tool, and read reviews from other satisfied customers until you feel confident that New England Overhead Door is the only choice when it comes to your garage door home improvement project.

Design your own garage door online

When you pull up to your old garage doors day in and day out, it’s hard to imagine what an upgrade can do for your home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, New England Overhead Door has teamed up with HaasCreate to offer our customers an online solution! You can design your door by choosing from our colors and styles and virtually install them over a photo of your home. Our online design tool takes the guesswork out of purchasing beautiful new overhead doors.

Residential overhead door styles

New England Overhead Door offers the best of the garage door industry at any price point and style. You can take a look at some products from our top manufacturers here:

American Traditions

Cost: $$$$

  • 2” Thick with Full Thermal Break

  • 13.45 Calculated R-Value

  • CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation

    This series of garage door replacement options is one of our most customizable as well as our most timeless in appearance. Using modern materials and technology, we have brought the original garage door to life. You have 17 base and 16 overlays color combinations to choose from on over ten different carriage-style garage doors. Make them fit you and your home's precise style with a plethora of stylized options with over 30 window choices! Our Lifetime Limited Warranty also backs them.

Insulated Aluminum 5000

Cost: $$$$

  • 2” or 1-3/4" Thick-Full Thermal Break

  • 17.66 and 16.18 Calculated R-Values

  • CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation

    The weather in New England can get pretty heavy. We face rough winters and harsh spring rains. The Aluminum 5000 series of garage doors can boldly withstand it all! We have paired corrosion-resistant aluminum with the strength of our insulated garage doors to make them unbeatable. You can choose between two Trinar® colors and rely on the 35-year finish warranty and customize it further with four-panel options and 41 different window choices.

Residential Aluminum 360

Cost: $$$$$

  • Rust and Corrosion Free

  • Commercial Grade Aluminum

  • Tongue-and-Groove Section Joints

    Have you recently remodeled your home and now need to upgrade your garage doors to match your new modern exterior? The 360 Series brings a contemporary style for New England homes. You can count on for durability with tongue-and-groove section joints. We have a wide selection of windows and finishes to help further customize them. This hand-crafted garage door gets created with rust- and corrosion-free aluminum to prevent needing a replacement for many years to come.

insulated Steel 2000

Cost: $$$

  •  2” Thick with Full Thermal Break

  • 17.66 Calculated R-Value

  • CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation

    If you are looking for durability as well as energy efficiency from your new garage door, then look no further than the 2000 Series of our 2-inch thick, insulated steel doors. Make these garage doors your own by adding an embossed woodgrain look to help soften the industrial build of the 26 gauge galvanized steel and we can help match your home’s décor more. With 15 residential models, 21 color choices, and 41 window options, the design options are limitless for your new garage door!

insulated Steel 700

Cost: $$$

  • 1-3∕4” Thick with Full Thermal Break

  • 16.18 Calculated R-Value

  • CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation

    Add instant curb appeal to your home whether you are finishing a remodel or simply replacing your garage doors with the Steel 700 Series. Allow us to add dollars to your asking price by installing the heavy gauge galvanized steel with embossed woodgrain garage doors. And if you are not ready to sell, let us help you customize them to your liking. We have over 40 window options and can even fill them with decorative glass.

insulated Steel 600 

Cost: $$$

  • 1-3∕8” Thick with Full Thermal Break

  • 13.45 Calculated R-Value

  • CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation

    Looking for a new garage door you can rely on without having to worry about a ton of maintenance? Count on the Insulated Steel 600 Series! These garage doors are built to last while providing you with energy efficiencies to help pay themselves off over a few years. Our panel options include everything from a flush panel to something more elaborate like sculpted raised panels. Make it uniquely yours with many different accents and style combinations.


Steel 2400

Cost: $$

  • 2” Thick

  • 24-Gauge Galvanized Steel

  • Tongue-and-Groove Construction

    This series of garage doors provide homeowners with protection thanks to the 24-gauge galvanized steel. The 2-inch thick steel also utilizes the tongue-and-groove construction method for strength and durability in even the worst storm. We even offer energy-saving insulation options to help you save even more when we install your new garage door. And if you need help choosing between the many different color, panel, and window combinations, let the trusted team at New England Overhead Door help you find the perfect match!


Steel 2500

Cost: $$

  • 2” Thick

  • 25-Gauge Galvanized Steel

  • Tongue-and-Groove Construction

    Combining industrial build with a more natural look is what the 2500 Series does for New England homes. We have five color options to give you precisely what you are looking for when matching the garage door with your brick or siding. Available with our Wind Load option you can count on these doors to last your many years, especially with the Lifetime Rust and Delamination Warranty. Our installers are also very excited to help you personalize these garage doors to match your home's style and help select from over 15 residential models.


Lancaster Carriage House 

Cost: $$$$

  • 26-Gauge Galvanized Steel

  • Four-layer Sandwich Construction

  • 1-3/8" Polystyrene Core

    Experience virtually maintenance-free garage doors with these timelessly beautiful garage doors. Your New England home is begging to be updated with these carriage house doors. They instantly add value if you're ready to sell and are a major talking point if you are just looking to upgrade. We have many different combinations of color, panel, and window designs to choose from to make them fit your style and existing color scheme.

cambridge carriage house 

Cost: $$$$

  • Four-Layer Construction

  • Wood Frame, Plywood Face, Composite Overlay

  • 1-1/8" Polystyrene Core

    Want the look of wooden carriage doors without the weight of natural wood and worry of rot? The Cambridge carriage house doors are exactly what you’re looking for when needing to update or remodel your garage doors. We have decorative hardware to help them further stand out in your neighborhood and come ready to paint. These garage doors are perfect when you are looking to add a modern touch while retaining a timeless look. 

Artisan Carriage House 

Cost: $$$$$

  • 1-7/8" or 2-1/2" Solid Hardwood

  • Standard or Custom Sizes

  • Z-Brace, V-Buck or X-Buck Trim Boards

If you appreciate the craftsmanship of a garage door, then allow us to install new Artisan-style doors to match your décor and sense of style today. These doors come in a variety of materials such as hardwood, vinyl, and composite wood. They help you achieve the look you want with the durability to match. We take the smallest details into account while creating your custom doors and are always striving to learn new techniques to accomplish this quickly.

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Garage door maintenance

Whether you want a new, custom garage door or your older door needs a repair, New England Overhead Door can help you maintain the look and function of your home’s overhead doors long after installation. Please contact us for an estimate if you need to buy new garage doors or simply want a professional hand to keep things operating flawlessly.

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