Why Does Your Garage Door Keep Opening By Itself?

May 21, 2022

Garage doors are meant to open and close on your command but sometimes your garage door may keep opening by itself. This is usually due to various reasons such as signal errors or damaged parts. A garage door that keeps opening by itself poses a security hazard as it could leave your property open to intruders and unwanted guests. Here are some of the reasons why your garage door randomly opens.

Faulty Remote Control

This is one of the most common reasons why your garage randomly opens. A faulty remote control may send wrong signals to the garage door and cause it to open and close randomly. Additionally, the condition of the remote control may be a factor for it being faulty. Most remote controls are stuffed in pockets along with keys, thrown on the table, or exposed to unpleasant conditions. Sometimes, the contacts of the transmitters also get worn out over time.

If you frequently slap or slam the buttons on the remote control, it could cause the buttons to be permanently pressed down. Other objects in your pockets or drawers could also come into contact with your remote control, thus causing the garage door to accidentally open. If you suspect that a faulty remote control is a culprit for your garage door randomly opening, the easiest solution would be to replace it with a new remote.

Conflicting Wireless Signals

A garage door may open by itself due to overlapping signals. This could occur if the neighbor’s remote keypad is linked to your opener. This may result in your garage door opening every time your neighbor uses the remote keypad to open his or her garage. To confirm this, you should clarify with your neighbor and ask them to open and close their garage while observing yours to see if it reacts to the signal.

Excessive Force and Vibration

A garage door that was poorly installed and serviced may have vertical tracks which are misaligned or springs that are not adjusted properly. If the opener of the garage door is working much harder than normal to close the door, it may result in the door reversing and opening. This happens when the springs are under too much tension and are too strong.

You may also notice an excessive vibration when the door randomly opens. This is indicative of misalignment of the vertical or horizontal tracks of the garage door and in the long run, would affect the safety sensors and wiring of the door.

Damaged Electrical Circuits

The garage door is constantly exposed to various elements such as wind, rain, snow, and over time, this may result in unexpected power surges or outages which will damage the electrical circuit of the garage door.

If your garage door randomly opens and you have been experiencing power outages or surges, there is a probability that the culprit is the electrical circuit that is in charge of the opening and closing mechanism of the door. The electrical circuit would be damaged and the easiest solution would be to hire a professional to help fix the circuit. New England Overhead Door is available for any emergency repairs 24/7. Contact us now!

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