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January 22, 2021
New England Overhead services and repairs all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers.
Our company aims to provide homeowners with the finest and the most dynamic garage door services.
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Everyone requires security in their own home, and you can enhance the security and safety of your home by acquiring a garage door system. Garage doors are particularly beneficial for the safety of pets and children. Some garage doors have photoelectric sensors that detect movement when they are closed or in the event of a security breach.

Ensuring that the door of your garage is manufactured with high-quality, durable materials will give you peace of mind. This will also increase the overall security of your home.

We at New England Overhead Door provide repair and installation services for a variety of garage doors. We also offer garage door openers of all models and brands. Our company strives to give the best and most innovative garage door services to consumers.

Garage Door Repair Services

You will probably be amazed at how complicated your garage door mechanisms can be, and at the number of services that our company offers. When one of our skilled experts goes to your home to service your garage door opener or garage door, you may count on us to do a thorough job.

All aspects of your garage door system will be carefully inspected by each of our professionals. We lubricate, test, calibrate, and balance every component of your garage door, but that is certainly not all that we do. We also perform any minor repairs that are required to keep your garage door system in its optimum condition. Carriage-style garage doors, among other things, are serviced by our experts.

Garage Door Installation Services

A garage door installation is a multi-step operation that necessitates precision, attention to detail, and technical expertise. Our professionals evaluate your door before beginning the installation process to ensure that it is the correct size. We also look for any obstructions, including lighting, appliances, fans, or electrical plugs. These potential obstacles will have an impact on the installation process, thus our specialists will have to account for them while mounting the track and engine.

We will liaise with you to schedule an installation time once we have completed the site assessment. Our technicians will remove and cart away your old door on the day of the appointment, install your new door, and set up the opener so that your new door is ready to use the moment we leave.

Choose New England Overhead Door for Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

New England Overhead Door has been installing garage doors for almost 60 years. To provide you with exceptional service and competence, our professional and qualified personnel are kept up to date with the current techniques and provided the best instruments with which to complete the job.

You can rely on us if your garage door needs servicing even in the dead of the night. We recognize that garage door issues can crop up at any time, and that garage door systems are essential for the security of your residence and its occupants, which is why we will assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact New England Overhead Door now for further inquiries on our garage door repair and installation services. Call (877) 649-1918 or contact us online to get started!

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