What To Do When Your Garage Door Cable Comes Off

November 22, 2021

Did your garage door cable come off? While garage doors can be an aesthetic addition to your home, it is important to ensure that your garage door is always in proper working condition to maintain the safety of your home. When the garage door cable comes off, your best bet would be to call for repair services to help rectify the issue. Read on to find out more about the steps you should take when your garage door cable comes off!

Where Is the Problem?

Before you attempt to fix the broken garage door cable, the first course of action would be to find out where the source of the problem is. Some things to consider are whether the cables are malfunctioning due to the operator, or whether it is a recurrent problem. Find the manual of your garage door, and follow the instructions on the troubleshooting portion. Remember to not fiddle with anything, and instead carry out your checks visually.

Call Professionals for Help

Garage doors are extremely tricky to fix, so do not attempt to fix the problem on your own. You are definitely better off calling an expert for help. This is because it could be dangerous to attempt fixing your garage door by yourself. One wrong move and it could mean the garage door coming loose and falling on whoever is standing in the way. Professionals have the relevant knowledge and experience and have appropriate tools to help repair the garage door. If you insist on doing things by yourself, it could lead to unimaginable consequences. So, call the experts when you find out what the problem could be.

Check the Garage Door’s Tracks

Garage doors move along metal tracks on each side to open and close. You can check to see if there is any obstruction on either side of the garage door’s tracks. Another commonly occurring problem is that the bracket that holds the tracks have come loose. Again, while you are waiting for the professionals to come over to help repair the garage door cable, do not attempt to fix the garage door by yourself.

Enlist the Help of Professionals to Replace Cables

If you have decided to switch out your garage door cables that have been worn and damaged, you should enlist the help of professionals to remove cables from the brackets and to help change the garage door cables. The nearest hardware store to you is likely to carry cables as well as other replacement parts. After switching out your cables for new ones, professionals will ensure that your garage door is working well.

New England Overhead Door Can Help with Your Garage Door Cable Repair

If you are in need of repair or replacement services for your garage door cable, New England Overhead Door is your ideal choice. Our team of professionals will be able to assist you in replacing or repairing your garage door cables. We also offer preventive maintenance services too. Feel free to contact us or take a look at our website to find out more about what we have to offer today! 

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