The Essential Parts Of A Garage Door

January 22, 2021

Learn about the different parts of a garage door and what they do. 

As with any mechanical system, the system is bound to fail over time due to wear and tear. So, if you have a broken garage door, chances are that you are very anxious. After all, a garage door is integral to your daily life if you drive often. Calling a reliable service provider should be the first step but beyond that, it helps to know the parts of a garage door as you will be able to quickly assess what the issue is. Moreover, if you are a hands-on person, this can be the first step to learning the mechanism so that you can fix it yourself in the future.

Garage Door

Yes, the garage door itself which is the most visible of all the parts is probably the part that you are the most familiar with. It can come in an array of different colors and materials ranging from wood to steel and even fiberglass. Some garage doors have windows too. Garage doors usually come in sections that vary by length depending on the number of cars the garage is designed for.

Garage Door Opener

This is where the magic lies! With just the press of a button, this big box mounted above lifts up your door. The opener is made up of electrical components like a logic board along with a motor and gears. The opener is arguably the most important part because the safety of the garage depends on its good functioning.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs sit right above your garage door and, as the name suggests, are twisted, This is where they store their energy. These springs are wound-up metal coils that are involved in raising and lowering the garage door. The torsion springs are generally held in a tube shaft for easy transfer of power. A word of caution: while springs are generally safe, we recommend that you don’t try to repair or install springs yourself as they can be dangerous to work with.

Garage Door Seal

The seal of the garage door is located at the bottom which allows it to keep out pests and the elements. It is made of rubber and runs along the length of the panel and the tight seal allows for energy efficiency. To illustrate the importance of the seal, imagine waking up in the winters to a pile of snow in your garage!

Garage Door Sensors

These are the safety sensors that are paramount to the safety of the car. These infrared sensors are small boxes found on either side of the garage door, approximately 6 inches from the bottom. They will prevent the garage door from closing if someone or something is blocking it.

While this is in no way an exhaustive list of the parts of a garage door, it is hoped that you have a rudimentary understanding of how a garage door works. Of course, the parts may vary or be modified depending on the style and model. If you need reliable garage door repairmen, you can contact us for help.

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