Main Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close

September 30, 2021

Did you notice that your garage door won’t close, or it won’t close all the way? There are many reasons that are responsible for your garage door closing partially, and not all the way. Some of these reasons may be more common while others may be severe. In any case, we have rounded up some of the main reasons why your garage door is not closing fully for you.

Something is Blocking the Door

One of the most obvious reasons could be that there is something blocking the door and therefore rendering it impossible to be closed fully. You should take a look around your garage floor and the area surrounding it for objects that might be causing the improper closing.

Your Safety Sensors May be Faulty

There is a possibility that your safety sensors could be working improperly. Safety sensors are usually situated facing each other, where they will send a signal across the length of the doorway to check if there is anything that is obstructing the closing of the garage door. As part of its safety feature, your garage door will not close fully if either one of these sensors is faulty. If you have confirmed that the reason why your garage door is not closing fully is due to sensor failure, all you need to do is to purchase a new pair of sensors and replace the faulty ones.

There are Broken Springs

You may not have known but garage doors rely heavily on springs to open and close with ease. However, if there are broken springs, this can result in the door being misaligned and therefore not closing properly. To check if your springs are damaged, you just need to do a brief visual inspection by yourself. However, we would recommend you leave all spring repairs to a professional instead.

There are Damaged Cables

Similar to the springs, all garage doors depend on some sort of cabling in order to lower the door properly. However, if any of these cables are faulty, the door will not be able to operate properly. A thorough visual inspection should be able to check if the cables are damaged. All cable repairs should be left to a professional.

The Tracks are Damaged

The tracks that are responsible for carrying the garage door down could have been blocked or damaged and this will prevent the door from closing properly. In the case where the tracks are blocked, you will just need to remove the blockage and the door will be able to close properly. However, if the tracks are damaged, you will need a track replacement.

Seek Help from a Professional

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