Haas Model 663 Household Garage Door Installation In Kingstown, RI

January 22, 2021

Household Garage Door Installation in Kingstown, RI!

Workforce and materials installed and furnished: (cont.)

(1) 9’0″ x 7’0″ Steel Insulated Garage Door: Haas Model 663. Design: Horizontal Recessed Panel. Windows: 4 Color: Almond. Arched Windowpane (Non-Insulated Glass). Springs. Standard Tracking. Total Weather-Sealed Corners (45 Degree). Color: Almond. Three-Layer: Steel+Insulation+Steel. Durable, Low Maintenance, Reliable. Environmentally Sound Polyurethane Insulation. Power Efficient. R-Value: 13.45. Extra Soundless Operation.

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