Increase Your Home Value With A New Garage Door

December 22, 2021

Your home might be the largest investment you will ever make. However, even after buying the house, the work is not done yet. Garage doors can make up 40% or more of the home’s façade. Investing in quality products and also the maintenance of them is important. You also have to consider whether a new garage door can help to increase your home value. Read on to learn more about how you can increase your home value with a new garage door!

Improved Curb Appeal

The surface area of the garage door is an opportunity to choose a color scheme that matches the rest of the house exterior. You can add windows and hardware to improve the overall look. Bolder colors will work if you want to turn your garage door into a statement. There are also many panel styles to choose from. When prospective buyers stop by, the exterior of the home will have an impact on the first impression.

Accommodating the Style Of Your Home

The best garage door type depends on the design of your home. A wood or steel carriage house door will suit a Victorian or Colonial home, so does iron handles, hinges, and other hardware. A garage door with divided, arched windows or double-hung wood windows will be more suitable for a Craftsman home. Modern and contemporary homes featuring garage doors that are made of stained wood and powder-coated glass will be more suitable.  

Improvements in Safety and Security

A safe home will be of greater value to you and your family as well as potential buyers. Modern technologies including photosensors can help prevent the door from closing when something is in the way. New garage door opener systems can have security features like rotating security codes which will change every time the door is used. This can help prevent intruders from getting into the garage.

Increased Return On Investment

A garage can increase your home value when the door is well-maintained and fresh. According to reports, about 76.9% of the cost of replacing a garage door can be recouped after selling your house.

Experience New England Overhead Door

New England Overhead Door has been operating in this industry for half a century and more. Ever since we started, we have created a reputation for providing quality garage door solutions and the best customer service. We provide services for customers located in northern Rhode Island and also central and eastern Massachusetts. Not only do we do the installation of garage doors and garage door openers, but we also offer preventative maintenance and repair services. Our service is available 24/7 for emergency repairs so you can be assured that someone will be there to fix your garage door when you need it.

After reading about how to increase your home value with a new garage door, you might want to try our services today. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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