How To Test A Garage Door Sensor

April 30, 2022

Garage doors have their way of making life more comfortable for their owners. With just a click of a button, they become operational. They also help protect your most precious possessions. That is why, you may tend to worry once they break down. One of the common problems associated with this is a sensor that moves out of alignment. If you feel like it is the culprit to a malfunctioning garage door, yet you want to prove that it really is, then it pays to be familiar with how garage door sensors work.

Garage Sensors and How They Work

Fixing the issue will not be possible unless you are familiar with how sensors in your garage doors work. It was in 1993 when residential garage doors were required to have safety sensors in them. They are responsible for preventing the door from closing when an object or person is blocking them. All garage doors, since then, had to have sensors to help determine whether or not something is interfering with the door closure before it does so.

With that, garage door sensors are safety key features to take note of. They can help reverse the direction of the closing door, dictating that it should return to its open position. When these components do not work, they become a critical safety hazard.

Testing a Garage Door Sensor

Once you have established that the garage door sensor causes the problem, you simply have to take the following things into account:

  • Get a Cardboard Box

Place it in the line of the sensors, and from there, try closing the garage door. Once the door reverses as it senses the cardboard, then you can conclude that it is but functioning accordingly. If it closes, then you need to do some troubleshooting.

  • Look for Signs

Some of the signs that you can take note of in this regard is a blinking exterior LED light when you attempt closing the garage door. A green light is a sign that they are working properly, while red lights are signals of non-alignment. You may simply tighten the blinking sensor’s screw. From there, check if the door closes properly.

Dirty lenses are yet another sign to consider. When this happens, all you need to do is clean the sensor using a cloth. This can make the garage door work normally right after.

Also, one thing that causes faulty sensors is a damaged wire. This connects the sensor to the garage door and is prone to wear and tear with regular use. It can be damaged due to pests, wind, and rain. Look for indications of tampering, and when you see one, it is time to replace them.

When you are done performing the above procedures, you can test the garage door using another cardboard box. This can help you detect whether you have fixed the problem or not. If it is the latter, then it is time to call experts for help. In line with this, you will need the help of professionals when it comes to garage door repairs.

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