How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door On Your Own

November 9, 2022

For many homeowners, their garage is an integral part of their home, being an essential component of functional everyday living as well as the overall appearance of their home. Imagine leaving or returning to your home early in the morning, and the rattling of your garage door starting your day off poorly, and let’s not even mention what the neighbors would say! Read on to learn how you can fix your noisy garage door. Note that even though this article teaches you how to fix a garage door on your own, you will soon realize that it is not at all easy. Unless you have a wealth of experience at doing this, It is much more convenient to hire a professional garage door company to fix the door for you.

Lubricate the Squeaky Door

Homeowners are usually recommended to try lubricating their garage doors first and foremost, as it’s the fastest and most affordable fix for a noisy garage door. If your garage door generates mostly squealing or squeaking sounds, there’s a good chance that what it needs is proper lubrication. To fix this, all you need to do is to spray lubricant over your garage door’s metal components every few months.

Tighten Any Loose Parts

If your door’s making grinding or rattling noises, the problem may lie with your garage door’s nuts, bolts, rollers, screws, or any other part coming loose. Thankfully, this is another quick and easy fix, with you only needing to tighten your door’s loose components with a wrench to achieve a quieter garage door.

Replace Metal Rollers

If those easy fixes don’t solve your problem, it’s usually time for a replacement of some sort, which can be more complicated and pricey. Rollers are another common pain point when it comes to faulty garage doors, especially since most garage doors are equipped with metal rollers, which can wear down and rust easily, generating a lot of unwanted noise. At this point, it is clearly better to seek the help of a professional garage door company who can provide the best technician to offer you advice on what kind of metal rollers to get. 

Replace Worn Hinges

Hinges are another part of your garage door that can wear out easily over time, usually caused by repeated opening and shutting when the hinges aren’t lubricated regularly. Your hinges could be lacking a few screws or could be rusty or broken, leading to a noisy garage door. Hence, you’ll need to replace your worn hinges with new ones to keep your garage door quiet.

Install a New Garage Door Opener

The opener is equally as susceptible to wear and tear over time as the other parts of your garage door. Depending on the condition of your garage door opener, you could either opt to repair it or replace it completely. If you need expert advice or door replacement services, that will be a much better alternative as you can save time by leaving this specific task to professionals.

Use a Rubber Seal

If your garage door is equipped with a metal strip, the friction when opening and shutting it can lead to a bunch of noise. Hence, you can try replacing it with a much quieter rubber strip. Furthermore, rubber comes with the added benefit of not rusting, while remaining durable and resistant to weather damage and other impacts.

Rely on Professional Help

Unfortunately, properly diagnosing and solving a garage door problem can lead to unnecessary time wastage and financial burden. This is why it is not highly encouraged for you to fix a noisy garage door on your own. Don’t hesitate to rely on a professional when experiencing a garage door problem, so that you can get your garage door problems fixed with ease! Our team at New England Overhead Door is eager to offer customers our garage door repair service packages, as well as preventive maintenance.

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