How To Fix A Garage Door That Opens Randomly

June 21, 2022

Your garage door is a crucial feature of your house that is sometimes overlooked. It improves the curb appearance of your property while also providing additional security and convenience for you and your family. We exert more strain on our garage doors than we think since we utilize them numerous times a day. When our garage doors stop operating properly, we frequently realize how crucial they are. Garage doors include a lot of moving parts. When any portion of the mechanism malfunctions, no matter how minor, the entire door might be affected. One issue that might suggest an issue with the system is a randomly opening garage door.

It is not just a minor irritation when the garage door opens and closes by itself. It might also be a safety issue. Invaders and critters can readily access your garage when the garage door rises or shuts on its own, or persists in opening after closing. If the garage door opens and closes at random, it may be more difficult to keep track of your energy expenses. Your garage door might randomly open up when you are away from home, exposing your property to theft and more.

Well, we at New England Overhead Door are here to tell you what you can do about a garage door that opens randomly. Here are some of the reasons for this and the solutions that you can use to keep your home safe and secure.

Interference by Radio Signals

Radio frequencies are used to operate and close a garage door. The garage door and the opening device ought to be at the same frequency, whether you use the password entry, your remote opener, or the buttons within the garage.  The neighbors might well be triggering your garage door to lift up since two garage doors might mistakenly be configured to the same channel. When your neighbor opens or closes their door with their remote, it may trigger yours to open as well! If it is the frequency that is the issue, you are in luck; it is a simple repair solution. Simply reconfigure your garage door opening device, and you will be good to go.


There are several pieces to garage doors, including safety measures, that all function together. Sensors close to the floor on these garage doors guarantee that nothing gets caught below the door. If the door appears to rise on its own after you close it, make sure the sensor is not picking up any debris. The door cannot be shut if something is blocking the way. If the door keeps opening after you close it, again check to see if there is something in the way.

Remote Opener

Testing the remote opening device is another simple approach.  The door might rise on its own in the event that the remote opening device is filthy, or the batteries have died. It is also possible that the remote’s batteries are not positioned correctly. To rectify this, double-check the position of the batteries or simply replace them.

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