Garage Door Safety Tips: Your Go-To Guide

January 22, 2021

Learn the proper way to open your door when the operator is disengaged and to call a garage door expert if any part of your garage door is not operating correctly!

Having a garage door has probably improved the quality of your life in often unnoticeable ways. You can keep your car protected from unpredictable weather and from being damaged easily. The convenience of an attached garage to your home means that you can drive right up to your doorstep or use your car for an emergency in the middle of the night. These conveniences, however, mean that people often fail to grasp that a garage door can be a hazard too. With these garage door safety tips listed below, you can prevent home invasions, accidents, and even fatalities. Indeed, garage doors are not something to be trifled with.

Clear Obstructions From The Door’s Pathway

The cardinal rule of a garage door is not to block its path. Thus, before you close it, it is best to visually inspect whether your pet or young child is in harm’s way. You may be thinking that the in-built safety sensors should kick in and prevent the door from shutting. However, you never know when a sensor becomes faulty. Remember, it is best to be safe and check your surroundings.

Test The Auto-Reverse Function

The auto-reverse function is an inherent feature of most modern garage doors. How it works is that when there is an obstruction in the path of a garage door, the doors will not go down as per normal. Instead, the doors will reverse and go back up. This has prevented a number of accidents. However, you can’t rely on it always working. To test whether this feature is still intact, you can place an object, perhaps a ball, in the path of the door when the door is just beginning to close. The doors should reverse automatically, and the garage door should remain open. This is vital to the safety of your family members and you should call a serviceman if your auto-reverse function is not working.

Don’t Leave The Door Partially Open

Many times, you would have noticed that some people prefer keeping their garage doors slightly open. To them, it makes sense as their pets can easily move in and out of their home. Moreover, it can keep the house cooler during the hot summer months. An open garage door, however, can let in wild animals which can wreak havoc. Burglars may view this as an opportunity and in some cases, even gain access to your home if the door is unlocked. In some garage door models, an open garage door will close fully before going back up and opening. This means that anything that obstructs the garage door can become damaged if your sensors are not in order.

Read The Garage Door Manual

Each garage door is different so it best to have a look at the manual of your garage door to know the functions and the safety features of your particular model. It is also a good idea to go through these with your older children or explain them in a child-appropriate manner. Your safety manual can help you fix issues yourself. Alternatively, garage door professionals can guide you with their expertise.

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