Four Reasons Your Garage Door Makes A Loud Noise When Opening & Closing

August 10, 2022

When opening or closing your garage door, it’s inevitable that some noise is generated. Frustratingly, this issue can be magnified when it comes to a garage door. The loud noise can make things uncomfortable for yourself or your neighbors, especially if you need to leave the home early or return late at night. Here are some of the reasons why your garage is so loud.

Roller Factors

One of the most common issues that plague garage doors is the rollers which can make the garage door unbearably loud. Many homeowners have metal rollers underneath the garage doors, which results in a larger noise when it runs along the metal track. To solve this problem, you could lubricate the rollers on a regular basis, but many people rather avoid the hassle by simply replacing the rollers with nylon ones instead. It’s an inexpensive fix that reduces the noise significantly.

Opener Problems

Depending on your preference, there are three varying options for the type of opener used. Compared to the chain drive, belt and screw drive options are generally quieter but are less durable and more expensive. In a practical sense, the chain drive is preferred by most people since its noise is relatively modest compared to others.

Otherwise, it could be the gears and sprockets that are responsible for the noise. Either way, it’s recommended that you avoid repairing your garage door yourself as it could be dangerous.

Loose Connections

The parts which hold the garage in place will eventually undergo significant wear-and-tear that will cause some loosening, in the absence of basic maintenance. When this happens, the bolts and screws holding them together have to be tightened. However, this isn’t an easy job for a regular person and should be left to the professionals. They’ll know what to expect, what to look out for so they won’t have their fingers jammed or get into worse accidents.

Balance Issues

Similar to how humans can suffer from coordination problems, garage doors too need to be balanced properly for them to function correctly. Without proper balancing, it can likely develop into the root cause of a noisy garage door. A simple test can be conducted to determine if the door is correctly balanced, but it can be potentially dangerous as well.

Such garage door repairs should only be done by experienced professionals as it can involve a lot of manual heavy lifting and waiting for any movements. When it’s out of balance, the door will drop much more quickly as compared to a working door.

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