Haas Modern 2063 Steel Insulated Door Installation In Franklin, MA

January 22, 2021
New Installation in Franklin, MA! Before & After
Labor and materials furnished and installed:
(2) 9’0″ x 7’0″ Haas Modern 2063 SteeL Insulated Doors.
Color: Mahogany. Design: Recessed Long Panel. Glass: 3 Pane Insulated (Clear) Top Section. 12″ RadiusTracking. Extension Springs. Full Weather Seal (White) 90 Degree. Triple Layer: Steel+Insulation+Steel. Durable, Reliable, Low Maintenance. Environmentally Safe Polyurethane Insulation. Energy Efficient. R Value: 17.66. Extra Quiet. Heavy Duty Hinges. 11 Ball Nylon Rollers. (2) R& D Doors. (2) Synergy 260 1/2 HP Belt Drive Openers. (1) Wireless Keypad.
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