Annual Garage Door Maintenance: The Ultimate Checklist

May 1, 2023

Though the garage door is often a part that moves frequently in most homes, it is also one of the most overlooked. Taking good care of this door will not only extend its lifespan but will also cut significantly on high repair costs. To help you make this a part of your routine, we have created the ultimate garage door maintenance checklist. Consider the below four primary steps that you can take to keep it in optimal condition.

  • Groom and Weatherstrip Your Garage Door

A well-groomed garage door contributes to high curb appeal and can raise the value of your property. More importantly, it also reduces the impact of weather damage and keeps it from deteriorating. Start by cleaning the door using the appropriate solution and remove peeling paint before sanding and applying a fresh coat of paint. Replace damaged weatherstripping to keep the elements out and protect the interior.

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance and Safety Inspections

At least twice every year, book a specialist to assess the condition of your door and address problems before they escalate. It is a lot less costly than waiting to fix breakdowns and will spare you the frustration of getting stuck in the garage. At New England Overhead Door, we offer multiple preventive maintenance packages depending on the size and condition of your garage door. Our typical process includes performance testing and basic maintenance exercises to keep the unit working at peak levels.

  • Test Door Balance and Auto-Reverse Features

These two features are crucial for safety. The right balance keeps your door from drifting or slamming shut and generally operating erratically. When the auto-reverse feature is functional, the door will automatically detect the presence of a pet, child, or car and quickly reverse to avoid slamming into them. Check the balance by disengaging the automatic opener and then lifting the door halfway. Once you let go, it should stay in place. When you lift it to a fully open position, it should rise slightly. To check the auto-reverse feature, place an object under the door. Within seconds after touching the object, it should reverse. Check the sensors as well by moving a foot under the door when it is closing – it should reverse when it senses this motion. If your door fails any of the above tests, call in the experts to address the problem.

  • Tighten Hardware and Lubricate Moving Parts

The fourth step on the checklist is to check for loose bolts, screws, and nuts and tighten them. Vibrations often loosen the hardware, which could make the door noisy and negatively impact performance. Key areas to check include the fasteners holding the opener, the brackets between the panels, and those that hold the track in place. Clean the moving parts and lubricate them using lithium grease or WD-40 to increase their lifespan. Lubricants break down gunk on these parts and limit the possibility of rusting and corrosion. Some of the major areas to address include the tracks, roller brackets, and springs.

Call in the Professionals

When you implement these annual maintenance tips, you will reduce the chances of a breakdown and extend the lifespan of your garage door considerably. Moreover, you will likely notice problems in the early stages and address them in good time. Whenever you spot any issue, quickly call in our trusted professionals at New England Overhead Door for diagnostic and expert repair services. Our highly trained specialists will fix your problem on the spot.

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