A Complete Guide To Wood Garage Doors

January 15, 2022

When renovating your house, you may consider adding aesthetic alterations to the kitchen or living room. Consider updating your garage door to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior as well!

Steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum garage doors are just a few of the materials available. Aside from apparent cosmetic variations, alternative garage door compositions may be more suited to your budget, environment, and style.

Are you considering installing a wood garage door? Continue reading to explore the pros and cons of wood garage doors in this article.

Pros of Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are popular among homeowners because of their:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Wood garage doors may improve the appearance of any home. Wood panels’ natural textures and hues offer a timeless elegance to a home’s exterior decor.
  • Energy efficiency: Of all garage door materials, wood has the greatest intrinsic R-value. This insulation maintains your home’s temperature and works as a sound barrier against outside noise.
  • Resistance to dents and cracks: A wood garage door may endure basketball or rock hits without denting or breaking.
  • Adaptability: If you find mold or decay on your wood garage door, you may replace the afflicted panel rather than the entire garage door.

Cons of Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors necessitate attention because they are:

  • Moisture damage: When exposed to excessive moisture, many types of wood can decay or produce mold. You may need to take additional care of your wood garage door if you reside in a wet or coastal region. In extreme temperatures, wood panels can expand or shrink.
  • Termites and other insects can chew through wood and compromise the structural performance of a wood garage door.
  • Expensive: Despite the fact that you may choose wood types to fit your budget, wood is normally more expensive than other garage door materials.
  • Heavy: Solid wood doors require heavy-duty garage door springs to withstand their weight. The bulkiness of solid wood may also make installation more difficult.
  • A high level of upkeep is required: Wood requires the most maintenance to maintain its ageless beauty. To keep your wooden garage door in good condition, you need to perform the following:
    • Examine the wood garage door panels for decay.
    • Look for wood-eating insects or bite marks on the panels.
    • Replace the old, chipped wood finish with a new coat.
    • Examine your garage door’s metal hardware, particularly the springs and tracks.

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