6 Benefits Of Upgrading To A New Clopay Garage Door

January 14, 2023

Most of the available home upgrades add functionality and value to your home. Some examples include replacing your roof or enhancing the cooling system. Many of these are expensive and take a while, but some upgrades that can be added to your home are comparatively cheap and quick like replacing your existing garage door or getting a new one. 

This is especially worth trying when you decide to buy a Clopay garage door for your home. Below are six ways adding Clopay doors enhance your residential property.

Protect Your Assets

Garage doors were created to meet the most important need of every home – the security of one’s property. With investments made in many private vehicles, decorations for holidays, hardware products, and pet products, having dedicated spaces to accommodate these needs is a desire for homeowners. 

Electronic garage doors give homeowners greater security with a remote-control system that is accessible only by them. There is no way to pick or break a lock that is situated inside your garage.

Ease a 10-Year Slump

Some consumer electronics and systems have an astounding 10-year lifespan. After ten years of experience, it is common to encounter leaky plumbing, broken appliances, chipped or dingy walls that require a new coat of paint, and other common but aggravated issues. 

However, Clopay garage doors are designed to last and come with a warranty to give you peace of mind. After a decade when some things fail, Clopay doors would still be strong because of skilled and quality production.

Added Curb Appeal

Garage doors visible from the street are an important part of the exterior of your home. For this reason, your garage door will impact the initial impression about you to viewers. A worn-out garage door due to weather, time, or an accident you have forgotten may give out an unwanted impression about you to others. Upgrading to a Clopay garage door will complement your home’s aesthetics, thus improving your home’s curb appeal.

Energy Saving

Every time you raise or lower the garage, the temperature inside fluctuates. This may not be an issue in a separate garage, but temperature changes can affect the temperature of adjacent areas, requiring the air conditioning to be turned up or down. 

If a lot of your electricity bill goes to air conditioning, the draft in your garage could be the culprit. 

Just like insulating the rest of your home, you should also insulate your garage. All Clopay garage doors have mandatory advanced insulation and are draft-proofed to improve energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills.

Built to Last

Clopay garage doors last longer than budget-cut departmental store quality doors. Clopay garage doors and other preferred-recommended products are built to endure the test of time, keeping garage door repair or replacement costs down for years to come.

Directly Increase Returns

Renovations and improvements will prove valuable to your home, but some of them will impact your investment returns. Upgrading your garage door is one such project. You should remember that upgrading to a new Clopay garage door is a sure-shot way of making sure you get the results you want. 

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