5 Reasons For Annual Garage Door Maintenance

May 1, 2023

The garage door of an average house is estimated to be used over 1,500 times each year. As a result of such frequent use, it’s natural for your garage door to undergo some typical wear-and-tear damage. Therefore, to ensure that your garage is functioning properly, securely, and dependably, it’s recommended that you arrange for professional garage door servicing to be conducted no less than once per year. In this article, we outline five key reasons why it’s important to plan for a professional annual garage door maintenance inspection to maintain its optimal condition from one year to the next.

Ensures Key Components Remain Rust-Free

A garage door consists of numerous springs and cables. Should any of them become damaged or corroded due to a lack of yearly upkeep, these parts will eventually malfunction. For instance, if the springs are not frequently lubricated, they turn brittle and fracture after some time. This may cause both mechanical and safety-related problems. By taking proactive measures now, you can save a significant amount of time and cash on garage door repairs down the road since these problems, if neglected, can often have a domino effect and impact other parts of the system.

Keeps Your Home Safe from Outside Elements

Over time, garage doors can become worn and warped due to weathering from rainwater and other environmental factors, causing gaps to form and leaving openings near the ground. If you fail to seal these regions, you heighten the chances of rodents, pests, and potentially even intruders prying open your garage door and slipping through those gaps.

Assures Your Everyday Convenience and Safety

Without adequate upkeep, it’s very possible that one day your garage door will simply fail to open or close as needed — leaving you trapped inside when you urgently need to leave for pressing matters or forcing you to leave your vehicle outside, exposed to extreme temperatures and severe storms. Should your garage door control suddenly break down due to insufficient maintenance, your next trip back from the supermarket during the harsh winter months may prove to be a challenging ordeal.

Helps You Avoid Frequent Costly Repairs

In most cases, yearly garage door maintenance packages are less costly than having to undertake recurrent repairs. Regular maintenance helps to curtail avoidable expenses over the course of the year and guarantees that your garage door is functioning flawlessly year-round. Basic preventive maintenance measures, such as oiling the moving components, can make a big difference in preventing full-on garage door malfunctions in the future. By adhering to a routine maintenance schedule, you can prevent unsafe scenarios, cut costs, and prolong the life of your garage door.

Prevents Injuries from Attempted DIY Fixes

Injuries caused by garage doors are a frequent hazard for property owners, usually caused by the mishandling of springs or trying to lift the tremendously heavy door. Homeowners who try to repair their garage doors using their own equipment may not only hurt themselves but also inadvertently damage other parts and ironware of the door or its surroundings. Maintaining your garage door appropriately can help avert malfunctions that could result in injury or leave you trapped.

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