5 Insider Tips For Buying Your Next Garage Door

December 1, 2021

A great garage door can last for years, maybe even a lifetime. The garage door is also an important part of your garage, so it is sensible to spend some time and effort to make the best choice possible and avoid the cheap garage doors. Read on for five insider tips for buying your next garage door!

Get An ‘In-Person’ Quote

Buying a garage door online or over the phone is not a good idea. Every garage is different so a knowledgeable salesperson will be able to check details such as the size and shape, side and headroom clearance, and also help you to design the place. Do make sure you get the salesperson to check out the garage before ordering a door.

Beware of Wood Doors

Wood doors look great when they are brand new. However, unless you spend time and money to maintain them, they won’t look good for a long time. Natural finishes only last a few years before they need recoating. You can get the wood look for a portion of the cost by choosing the embossed steel with a faux wood-grain finish. 

Upgrade Your Insulation

If you intend to buy an insulated door, it is worth spending more to upgrade to polyurethane insulation.

Buy A New Opener

The same person who installs the new door can also help you install a new garage door opener. If you find that your opener is showing its age or you simply want a better one, this is the time to replace it. By getting a new opener at the same time, you might even be able to have a package deal and save cost.

Choose Windows Wisely

You will be surprised by how much better a garage door looks by having the right windows. Windows can supply light to the garage interior and that helps to brighten up the place. If your garage is heated, you can upgrade to insulated glass. Install the glass in the top panel for extra privacy and security. Match the glass style to your house windows if you can. Don’t install glass that goes behind your garage door if it is angled, to prevent it from looking out of place.

Experience New England Overhead Door

New England Overhead Door has been in the industry for half a century and more. Since we established, we have built a reputation for providing good quality garage door solutions and the best customer service. We provide services for customers who live in northern Rhode Island and also central and eastern Massachusetts. We don’t just handle the installation of garage doors and garage door openers, we also offer preventative maintenance and repair services. Our emergency repairs service is available round the clock so there will be someone to fix your garage door when you need it.

After reading about the insider tips for buying your next garage door, you might want to try our services today. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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