4 Reasons For Weather-Stripping Your Garage Door

December 10, 2022

Every homeowner understands their garage is more than just a place to park their vehicles. It also serves as a functional storage space for various household items and sometimes doubles as a makeshift office space. This space is only a garage door away from outdoor forces and the elements. That’s why keeping your garage safe from these potentially disruptive elements is a priority, especially during inclement weather.

Thankfully, solutions such as weather stripping make this goal possible and easier to achieve. Protection from moisture, snow, dirt and other contaminants is an excellent benefit of weather-stripping a garage door. Read on to learn four reasons your home needs one.

Big Energy-Saving Benefits

Weather stripping creates a secure seal on your garage door, closing off tiny cracks or holes that can leak air in from the outside. Without weather stripping, hot or cold air can enter through these cracks, causing your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to keep the temperature stable. The result? An increase in energy bills.

Weatherizing your garage can result in significant energy bill savings annually. Weather-stripping also helps maintain an even temperature in your garage, preventing unexpected cold and warm spots.

Prolongs the Door’s Service Lifespan

Because your garage door is one of the main entrances to your home, it requires regular garage door maintenance to stay in good working order. Several external factors can cause damage to your garage door.

Water can enter through minor cracks and rust the metallic components that support the garage door. Garage door hardware can also deteriorate due to rough use or harsh weather. Weather stripping is an excellent way to protect the garage door for an extended period by keeping the elements that could cause damage to the door at bay.

Safeguards Against Flood Damage

Water damage is an issue that sets off a chain of events that can eventually destroy your garage. Think again if you believe that only severe thunderstorms can cause damage. Even light to moderate showers can cause significant damage to a garage with a faulty seal. Water can seep through small gaps and quickly take over your garage floor, causing damage to any items you’ve stored there.

Worse still, it can cause damage even after the storm has passed. When the weather warms, the flood water quickly evaporates, allowing moisture to permeate the items you’ve stored, including bulky ones like vehicles and appliances. Moisture also contributes to more chronic issues, such as mold growth. Weather-stripping is the only practical way to create an effective seal on your garage door. Doing so protects your belongings and helps you avoid potential health risks.

Cuts off Access to Pests

A faulty garage door seal invites pests such as vermin and insects inside. They’re known to breed quickly and damage your belongings. Weather-stripping acts as a barrier between these pests and your garage, keeping it clean and free of disease and filth.

If you want a safe and clean garage, you must make wise investments ahead of time. Professional weather stripping services are a reliable investment that guarantees peace of mind. Your future self will thank you for it! Call us now at 508-473-0030 to submit a service request or fill out the form here for a quick consult to discuss your garage preventive maintenance options.

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