4 Easy Steps To Building A Swing Out Garage Door

July 10, 2022

Swing out garage doors are one of the most appealing garage door options available on the market. Their traditional, rustic feel harkens back to 19th-century carriage houses, boosting your curb appeal. Furthermore, they’re ideal for garages lacking in overhead space, promising you both form and function. Want one of your own? Here’s how to build a swing out garage door for your own home!

Design the Garage Door

Before you get to the heavy lifting of the construction process, you need to design the door of your dreams. Your design sketches don’t have to be anything fancy, just a few simple rough sketches that serve as a guideline for yourself when building. Your designs should also include the dimensions of your new garage door so that you can ensure a good fit, and make the process of buying materials easier.

Gather Materials

You can find most of the materials you need at your local hardware store. But before you head over, create a list of materials that you need for your new swing out garage door, from the rails to the lumbers. The most efficient shoppers come with a detailed, well-researched shopping list so that they know exactly what they need even before they walk in. Furthermore, it prevents that dreadful experience of realizing you forgot a certain component, leading to you having to make a repeat visit.

Building and Assembly

Build your door’s panels, rails, and stiles, and always ensure they’re cut to size. A miter saw will be your best friend during this process, helping you to make accurate cuts. Before you get to assembly, flatten and straighten your boards with a planer and joiner. For swing out garage doors, you’ll need to use mortise and tenon joints, to ensure a strong outcome and attractive appearance. Before you connect all of your door components together, you should dry-fit them to confirm that they fit properly.

When you’re ready, you can use wood glue to join the mortise and tenon joints, and fit the panels into the frame. After gluing your stiles and panels together, you should have a sturdy swing out garage door! Afterward, you can make aesthetic improvements such as sanding and painting.

Installing a Door Opener

After assembling your door opener, it’s time to install it. Fasten your assembled rail to the motor unit. Then, install the chain on the door end of the track, and the header bracket support above the door to support it. Subsequently, hang the door opener on the garage ceiling with angle iron pieces. Afterward, install the door bracket and arm to attach the door to the rail. Lastly, install add and program your electronic components and you’re good to go!

We Can Take on the Task!

Unfortunately, building a swing out garage door is easier said than done, and many feel uncomfortable about how safe a DIY garage door can be. This is where we come in! Make New England Overhead Door your garage door partner, from the garage door installation to garage door opener systems.

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