3 Obvious Signs Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

September 26, 2021

One of the biggest reasons why your garage door is faulty is due to a damaged spring. Springs are important in holding up your garage door. However, given how heavy garage doors are, there is a huge amount of tension in the spring whenever you lift your garage door up. A broken spring can be extremely dangerous as the garage door may fall any time and hit whoever is beneath it. As such, it is paramount that you take note of some of the obvious signs that your garage door spring is broken so as to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

There are Balance Issues

If you realized that you are having a hard time closing and opening your door, your door falls quickly after it lifts several inches, or if the door is moving up and down on the track slower than usual, your garage door may be out of balance.  Another obvious sign of balance issues is the excessive noise made when you raise the door up and down.

Out-of-balance garage doors may not necessarily be due to a problem with the spring but they can put extra strain on the spring and damage it if you continue to operate with unbalanced garage doors.

There is Excessive Squeaking

It is normal that garage doors make noises every now and then. This is because, over time, your springs can become worn and start squeaking. However, if you have noticed excessive loud noises that recently popped up, this can be a sign that there is a more significant problem with the spring. You can consider applying some lubricant to the spring to prevent loud noises. But if the noises persist, it might be indicative of a more significant issue, and you should check it out with a professional as soon as possible.

Check out the State of the Spring

It is important that you conduct regular visual inspections of the spring to ensure that it is working properly. This will only take you a couple of minutes and can save you from a whole lot of trouble. What you can first do is to check if the spring is visibly intact, or it is obviously broken. However, sometimes things may not be that straightforward. There are other signs that can give you clues about the state of your spring. For example, the top half of the door may appear to be misaligned, or the garage door is crooked. Another example can be when the garage door opens a few inches and then slams down again, or if the cables attached to the springs are dangling.

Seek Help from a Professional

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